Ultra-Sonic Aroma Oil Diffusers

Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser Black Tree 100 mL


Bronze Tree of Life The Tree of Life grows its way into the mythology of many cultures, spreading the idea of wellness in mind and body. With a handsome cylindrical shape and the ancient symbol of immortality and fertility, these powerful diffusers are sure to help calm both body and mind. Customers will fall in…

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Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser Buddha 100 mL


Buddha Head Bronze Zen can be defined as a condition of meditation and calm, in which one finds insights on how to behave. These Zen diffusers will certainly work to aid in any form of meditation or mindfulness . The image of the Buddha should appeal who practice the faith as well as those who…

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Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser Moon 800 mL


Moon Stand Spa Diffuser This line of wholesale diffusers has 8 times the capacity of our normal diffusers. They are perfect  who needs to fill a large space or desires to have a continuous dispersion of therapeutic oils over a long period, such as a full workday. Designed as a beautiful moon-like globe on a…

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