Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser Buddha 100 mL

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Buddha Head Bronze

Zen can be defined as a condition of meditation and calm, in which one finds insights on how to behave. These Zen diffusers will certainly work to aid in any form of meditation or mindfulness . The image of the Buddha should appeal who practice the faith as well as those who appreciate an Asian aesthetic. The 7 choices of LED color, can be cycled or can remain on one color to add an appropriate visual focus. 

How It Works: 

ceramic diffusers need only tap water and fragrance or essential oils to fill a room with beneficial aromas. Using ultrasonic vibrations, these diffusers create minuscule particles that disperse as a mist into a room. 

Why It Works: 

By using this ultrasonic technology instead of heat, which can break down the oils, the maximum benefits of the oil are protected and can be enjoyed fully by the customer.


Easy to Use

100 ML 

7 Color LED Lights

Durable Bronze Ceramic

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