Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser Black Tree 100 mL



Bronze Tree of Life

The Tree of Life grows its way into the mythology of many cultures, spreading the idea of wellness in mind and body. With a handsome cylindrical shape and the ancient symbol of immortality and fertility, these powerful diffusers are sure to help calm both body and mind. Customers will fall in love with its customizable LED lights that provide the perfect touch to set the mood of a room.

How It Works: 

Requiring only tap water and scented oils, this diffuser break down these ingredients into microparticles that are released into the environment to create the aromas that have been used for centuries to promote health and wellness. 

Why It Works: 

Because heat can cause the breakdown of therapeutic oils and thereby weaken or eliminate scent, our diffusers use ultrasonic vibrations to maximize the aromatic properties of your favorite fragrances.


Easy to Use

100 ML 

7 Color LED Lights


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