Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser Moon 800 mL



Moon Stand Spa Diffuser

This line of wholesale diffusers has 8 times the capacity of our normal diffusers. They are perfect  who needs to fill a large space or desires to have a continuous dispersion of therapeutic oils over a long period, such as a full workday. Designed as a beautiful moon-like globe on a geometric wooden stand, it can be used as a central decorative piece as well as for its function of aromatherapy. The combination of modern technology with a classically pleasing design fulfills the ideal of joining form and function. 

How It Works: 

All of our ultrasonic diffusers need only have tap water and fragrance or essential oils added in order to function. Microparticles are produced by the vibrations and are then disseminated into the environment to produce the desired effect.

Why It Works: 

Though many diffusers use heat, this can actually damage the oil’s chemical makeup. A scented oil that is heated can be less efficacious. The use of ultrasonic vibrations guards the quality of the oils while still efficiently dispersing them into a room.


Easy to Use

800 ML

Ultrasonic Technology


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